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The Organiverse Handset project is a collaboration with poet Richard Rudhyar.

Q. What is the Organiverse Set?

The Organiverse Meditation set is a Kasina or an aide to meditation. At the heart of the set is the beautiful artwork of artist Henri van Bentum, the one hundred Organiverse mandalas. [Organiverse = “organic” + “universe”.] One definition of mandala is “mind expansion tool”.

These 100 spheres were painted in the technique of pointillism (“atom by atom”, dot by dot). Each sphere is 3 inches (7.6 cm) in diameter. The original artwork was created while van Bentum was living in Morocco and on the island of Madeira in 1972.

Q. What is Pointillism?

Pontillism is a painting technique using tiny dots formed together to make a picture. When two colors are next to each other, your eye mixes them and that is called optical mixing. Using optical mixing instead of physically mixing can make a brighter picture.

Q. Who is Henri van Bentum?

Henri van Bentum is a senior artist and colorist with over 250 works in public and private collections. He has exhibited and traveled worldwide. van Bentum has forty years of meditation experience, and applies his art and creative exploration “towards a vehicle to unfold.” You are welcome to visit Henri van Bentum’s website

Q. What is recovered Westcoast wood?

The Organiverse set comes with a handsome wood holder made from recovered Westcoast wood. Each holder is made individually from fallen trees on Vancouver Island. You can learn more about the Wood Recovery Project at

The concept of the unique wood holder was conceived by poet Richard Rudhyar who is also the producer of the Organiverse project.

Q. How do I work with the Organiverse handset?

  • The purpose here is to view the 100 images one at a time in sequence. In addition to the quality of the individual spheres, the set also has sequential meaning.
  • In other words, when the spheres are viewed one after the other, dimensions are revealed which are not immediately evident if only one individual mandala is viewed.
  • In addition, we have found that the depth of the experience is further enhanced by allowing some time to pass before moving on to the next mandala.

You may rotate the images on daily or intermittent basis. The daily rotation is simple and straightforward:

  • focus gently on the first mandala (#1) with close attention
  • wait approximately 24 hours and then put the first card at the back, allowing mandala #2 to display at the front
  • observe this image card, taking in the colour and form, for a few seconds (for example, 5-20 seconds)
  • on to # 3, etc.
  • repeat this daily

When you are ready to conclude your observation take a deep in-breath, and step back quietly into your daily activities. 

Q. Are there different ways of exploring the Organiverse set?

Certainly. Each individual is unique and you can create your own variations on the basic 24-hour rotation.

For example, rotate the mandalas once in the morning and once in the evening, reflecting on the rhythm of the day. This speeds up the passage of the image cards, and also now you have introduced two points of "receptive attention" into your daily experience.

  • Do not be concerned if you miss a day or two; simply pick up where you left off.
  • One of the most remarkable features of the Organiverse series is that if you leave them for awhile, and then return, they appear different and new insights will unfold.
  • We recommend practitioners take a methodical approach to working with Organiverse:

As an experiment, build into your daily habit and routine the rotation of the spheres. Allow the rotation to complete five times, and following this, ask yourself: has this been beneficial?

If so, you may choose to continue and add this dimension to your ongoing everyday experience.

Q. “Why should I use the Organiverse Meditation set?

” Once a commitment is made to rotate the image-cards on a daily basis, the reasons will gradually become self-evident. The rhythm of the daily cycle becomes habitual, and given some time and consistency can serve as additional dimension in living.

That is to say, that the rest of our lives may continue on its (often) reactive course, but there is a point of time during the day when the focus of attention is on the rotation of the mandalas.

  • Over time, this becomes a constant presence amidst the kaleidoscope of life, providing a neutral “constant” perspective on our daily experience, a cornerstone in our stressful times. This constant presence amidst the often stressful circumstances of daily living is also reflected in the quality of the image cards themselves.
  • The individual card patterns change, but the viewer remains constant and present as the parade of mandala images unfolds. This can lead to an increased perception and insights which may also contribute to the development of equilibrium. The word “mandala” has been translated to mean “mind expansion vehicle”.

It becomes readily apparent that there is little point in over-reacting to any particular card-image (or situation) because they are transient and will not last.

If we simply wait and allow time to pass, a new situation, and image card, will surface and become the new focus of our attention. If we develop the habit of equilibrium in relation to the individual image cards, this may lead to corresponding growth in other areas of our lives. 

Q. How much time does it take to use the meditation set?

  • The Organiverse rotation can be applied to even the busiest schedule.
  • The rotation of the Organiverse mandalas on a daily basis can be done in as little as 10-20 seconds. This creates an opportunity to have a point of pause, of contemplation, even within a very busy schedule.
  • Over time this can have real value and benefit, and if you choose you may add on to this point of contemplation. The Organiverse series introduces a new element into your day, a point of beauty and contemplation. 
  • Of course, it is acceptable practice to also spend more time both gazing at, and observing the detail and the color of the pointillism art work. Even with no meditation at all, the Organiverse experience is a fascinating journey in terms of surveying the beautiful art, and/or appreciating the organic flow within the work. Organiverse is also for play and enjoyment! 

Q. Is the Organiverse meditation set “magical”?

It has been suggested by some that the Organiverse series is "magical" and will produce immediate changes in perception and experience. We are always quick to correct this view. If there is any magic involved, it is located within the practitioner, not the image set.

The Organiverse creator, artist Henri van Bentum says, “We are the microscope and the telescope”, and Organiverse reflects the magic of life here on Earth even in our everyday lives.

We have observed that the proper and sustained practice of systematically observing the image sequence may act as a “key” that can unlock new ways of thinking and understanding. However, as noted above these qualities already exist in potential form within the practitioner.

Q. Do I have to be an experienced meditator to use this Kasina?

No, it is not necessary to have direct experience in formal meditation to make use of the Organiverse Meditation set. The daily return to the "receptive mode” of image appreciation may begin as a cornerstone to a dimension of living that may be expanded further.

In this way the Organiverse image rotation can act as a bridge or a starting point towards further exploration, or as Henri van Bentum says, “a vehicle to unfold”.

Q. I already have considerable experience with meditation; what types of new information will I learn from this practice?

The Organiverse mandala series is a Kasina; an aide to meditation. It is non-denominational and supplements your ongoing practice.

And it is helpful to remember the artist who created Organiverse, Henri van Bentum, has over forty years of experience as a meditator.

  • Incorporating the Organiverse mandalas into your daily practice will generate interest, and may surprise you in terms of the scope of its application over time.
  • The Organiverse series, as a Kasina, was initially developed to be used as an adjunct practice by meditators in retreat settings.
  • We have found that it can also be enjoyed by many with less formal training, and therefore we have made the series available to a wider audience.

"We wish you all Good Health and Harmony!”